Italian Wedding Soup From Our Friend Over At Cinnamon Spice & Evrything Nice

So we have deleted the original post, since it seems to have been wrongfully copied by another blogger. I now present you with the original recipe from the original blogger over at Cinnamon Spice and Everything NiceBe sure to check out her wonderful blog.
Italian Wedding Soup

I have a hearty soup recipe today for Italian Wedding Soup. The name refers to the meat and vegetables marrying well together. Minestra Maritata means married soup. And it truly is a harmony of flavors with tasty, tender, little meatballs swimming in an herby broth with tubettini pasta, spinach, carrots, onion and garlic. It is the sort of soup you wish was served in a bottomless bowl…

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6 Responses to Italian Wedding Soup From Our Friend Over At Cinnamon Spice & Evrything Nice

  1. Reeni says:

    You stole my post! Adding the part about it snowing hasn’t fooled anyone. I’m asking you to edit out my words or risk having your entire blog erased. You have 24 hours and then I’m reporting you. Believe me it’s not worth it – I’ve seen entire blogs erased permanently for just this very thing – you won’t get any more notice than this – you’ll try to get to your blog and it will no longer be there.

    • The blog credit is stated in the post in the title, as is the link where it says read more. Obviously if you understand how reposting works on WordPress you would have realized this in the first place. I shall not be deleting anything since the post here is a repost from the stated blog “Life at the Big HH, : using proper word press protocol and tools. So if you really think this is your post, go cry to the other blogger, and kindly refrain from having a tantrum here. Thanks 🙂

  2. Sheila says:

    Too bad Mollyann Hesser plagiarized this post from Reeni at

  3. Mollyann Hesser says:

    This soup is from my grandmother’s kitchen as are most of the Italian recipes on my blog. Lovely blog you have, it is sort of like being a child again, at my grandmother’s house. Everything was simple, three, but really fancy for this poor kid from the country. I’ll tell you what, “Mammy” really knew how to live!

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