Want To Win A Bottle Of Olive Oil Straight From Italy? Just tell Us Your Favorite Beer!

So I am headed to Italy this coming Sunday on business for 5 days and thought I would somehow include my friends. We ran a little contest on our Facebook page for a chance to win a bottle of Olive Oil straight from Italy. Contestants had to name their favorite pie and get the most likes to win in honor of national pie day. It was a lot of fun so we are doing it again.

Head over to our Facebook page here to participate.

In honor of St Patricks day and Bock Beer day, tell what you believe to be the best beer in the world. The two people who recieve the most likes will each get a bottle of olive oil that I will pick up on my trip to Tuscany next week. Pretty easy.

Contest starts now and the two people with the most likes will each get a bottle of olive oil when I return from Tuscany. Remember to go to our Facebook page to participate. Thanks!

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