Big Mac or Fresh Bread and a Cheese Plate?

Who does not love cheese. To me the perfect desert is a glass of red wine and a cheese plate. When I lived in New York City my favorite thing to do on my day off was to go to the markets at Grand Central Station. There I would pick 5 or six cheeses, grab a bottle, ok several, of Pinot noir. Later in the evening with a good movie I would enjoy my selections with my fiance.

Here in Europe while it is rare to find a good typical american breakfast, the selection of meats and cheeses available at breakfast can be quite delightful, and yes I have found some wonderful cheese markets where I can get fresh bread and indulge in the grander things in life.

What is your cheese story?

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6 Responses to Big Mac or Fresh Bread and a Cheese Plate?

  1. Joanna Swan says:

    I don’t live in Berkeley, but whenever I’m there, I dip into the Cheese Board…sometimes they have these amazing bargains on unique and strange cheeses…I had some mouthwateringly fresh Queso Fresco the other day. Just fabulous. And what a great quote! Long live le baguette!

  2. My cheese story? Living in China makes me miss cheese most of all. How I hunger for the taste of parmigiano reggiano again!

    Your blog is, as always, a great read!

  3. camillecooks says:

    You’re not supposed to buy heaps of cheese all at once. It’s not supposed to last forever without spoiling. You buy a hunk or two, that loaf of bread, and go sit in the park and enjoy it. Relax, take it easy. Walk or ride your bike to the cheese monger, the baker, and the park. Slow down.

    I first tasted epoisses, eleven years ago, at Willy’s Wine Bar in Paris. I breathe in that memory. Taste it.

  4. My cheese story. I love it. We always buy it for lunches when we’re traveling. And at one place had the best cheese plate ever, in Melbourne. My wife and I also had some wonderful wine that night and let’s just say I remember the cheese better.

  5. banbamama says:

    a big mac is nothing on cheese and bread! You make your time in New York sound romantic 🙂

  6. Charles says:

    That’s a very good question actually – what actually is a traditional “American Breakfast”? Is it similar to the traditional English one with bacon, egg, etc? There’s a place in Paris called “Breakfast in America” which does various “American-style” breakfast dishes… I’m not sure how they stack up for comparison against the real thing in the US but they seem popular nevertheless.

    As for cheese – I was just saying to my wife the other day that I wish I could invent something which stopped the spoiling of food. I love to buy lots of cheeses, but the thing is, I don’t eat them as often as one should, once you have a huge pile of cheese in the house, so a lot ends up spoiling. My local store has a massive cheese section. 8 aisles of cheese, including artisan and speciality cheeses! Cheese heaven! Luckily they don’t sell Casu Marzu and I hope they never do!

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