Breakfast In The Medieval Town of Tabor, South Bohemia

I love breakfast. Those of you who stop by here know this. My love for breakfast has contrasts though, from the late night greasy diner, to the spoiled hotel breakfast buffet. When people ask me what I miss about America I always tell them breakfast. Sorry to my brothers and sisters, mother and father, aunt and uncles, and grandparents. Yes you are all second to breakfast. But you are all number one when we are having breakfast together.

Now in Europe the search for a nice greedy American breakfast, without paying $30 to $50 at a hotel is certainly a challenging quest. In Venice I searched for two hours as the hotel only offered breads. When I finally found something with an egg it was on Bruschetta. In Munich while the pastry is superb, I did manage to find a few places that were decent, but they could not make what I really wanted. My favorite dish is a modified eggs Benedict. Toasted buttered bread, with ham, swiss, and a poached egg on top.

I tend to pick my hotels based on whether they serve a full breakfast when I am on vacation. On the isle of Capri our hotel boasted a full American breakfast buffet, but it turned out to be a continental. My wife seeing the life drain out of my body when I realized there were no eggs, meats, cheeses, potatoes, bacon, or sausages immediately knew she would have to go on a journey. A journey to find a proper breakfast. After an hour I found one place that made an omelette, wich was better than what the hotel offered.

If you stay at a European hotel that does a breakfast buffet the egg can be, and usually is incidental. They concentrate on a wonderful selection of meats, cheeses, hams, sausages, breads, and muffins but the egg seems to be the bastard of the bunch. Either scrambled or hard boiled. Whats the fun in that.

Sometimes you will find a place advertising an english breakfast wich consists of eggs, sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans and eggs of your choice, but English breakfasts like the british food itself is quite bland, and they usually charge an arm and a leg for it.

So here I am on vacation, day two of eight-teen, in the Czech Republic’s South Bohemia. My wife says she booked a nice hotel. What do you think my first question was? You got it, and my wife assured me they do.

Our hotel was the Hotel Nautilus, located on the Medieval square in Tabor. Tabor was founded in the early 1400s and was central to the Hussite movement and Hussite wars. Although several castles were built upon the spot in the 1200s and 1300s, and remnants of these can still be seen. Below our some views of the square from our room’s window.

Lets get back to breakfast. My wife was right. The breakfast had all the fixin’s that one would expect. Fresh Pastries, muffins, bacon, sausages, hams, pates, scrambled and poached eggs. Of course there were plenty of items for those who are also health conscience, plus a fresh fruit yogurt presentation that was quite unique.

Now what I tend to do, since I cannot get a modified eggs Benedict is create my own at the table. I take some of the fresh baked local bread and toast it. Then smother it in butter. I top it with some of the pate that is available and place the ham, bacon, cheese, and eggs on top. As seen below. I did not see the poached eggs at first so I

used the scrambled, but of course when I went back for seconds I used the poached eggs instead.

If you have tasted hams, cheeses, meats and other items in europe you may have noticed a flavor difference. Most countries still do not pasteurize many of the food items like they do in the US, so they tend, in my opinion, to taste better. Items tend to be fresher, or made right on premises. The hotel Nautilus was no exception. Their breakfast was right on target and was a perfect start to my day.

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8 Responses to Breakfast In The Medieval Town of Tabor, South Bohemia

  1. Especially loved your photos. Great post!

  2. I stumbled across your blog today….really nice…I love breakfast too…I look forward to my weekends to enjoy a good breakfast…..even though I am a vegetarian, I still love a big English breaka….fried mushrooms, fried bread, fried egg, fried tomatoes…..oh bliss! love the pictures of this great medieval city…

  3. Karen says:

    I am so happy that i discovered your blog. Tabor looks like a wonderful. I like your idea of creating your own eggs Benedict. I usually asked if the chef can make me an omelet with my favorite ingredients. But my absolute favorite item on a European breakfast buffet is the cheese. It is so much better than any thing that we can get. A few wedges of special cheeses and a crusty seeded roll makes me very happy.

  4. lillagreca says:

    Everything looks sooo good! And the pictures of the medieval town are beautiful! I have to make me one of those egg sandwiches! Yummy!

  5. That sandwich looks amazing. I’ve heard Europeans love American breakfast, but I guess that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy to find. Last year in Scotland and Ireland we definitely overdosed on the the full Irish breakfasts….

  6. Charles says:

    I always grew up on things like cereal and milk, toast and marmelade… things like this for breakfast. When I met my wife, who’s from Sweden, I learned that there was actually *so* much more – cold meats, cheeses, vegetables, hundreds of different types of bread. I’m a convert – although I still crave a good “English” breakfast sometimes… not sure how similar that is to the American one but that’s a great start to a long day I think! Lovely photos! 🙂

    • I know what you mean. An English breakfast is a good substitute to an American, but an American does not have mushrooms, tomatoes, or baked beans. That is all replaced by some greasy, buttery delicious home fries.

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