I remember many things about my grandparent’s kitchen. I remember taking everything out of the drawers and climbing inside them, waving her meat hammer around pretending I was thor. I remember stealing pasta sauce that my grandmother was still cooking so that I could dip the fresh made Italian rolls that my great grandmother, who lived upstairs, had made. I remember almost every special occassion and every holiday that was celebrated with food prepared from my grandparents kitchen. Do you?

My grandparents rarely made anything fancy. It was for the most part very simple food. Basic meats and seasonings seemed to combine to make  something special, albeit simple. What made it so wonderful? Was it made with love? Why did a sandwich made by any of my grandmothers taste so delicious? Perhaps it was just the surroundings of a child living in a care free environment surrounded by those who made his childhood enchanting.

Like my grandparents I am not a trained chef. I just love to cook. If you are looking for the science of cooking here you are in the wrong place. Most of my best recipes are merely mistakes and a classically trained chef would give much instruction if he saw me cooking a meal, but absent his watchful eye, like so many of my friends who are chefs, they find my dishes unusual and delicious.

So this blog is less about teaching you how to cook and more about the joy of eating and some of the places I have visited on my travels.

I love taking recipes that I have read or seen and making them my own, as you should do as well. My grandmother made a fantastic beef stogganoff. When I made my first beef stroganoff it was less about recreating what my grandmother had cooked but rather making better. Using her recipe as a base I just would add more of what I liked, wether it more beef, mushrooms, or onions. She was the inspiration and I just picked up from where she left off. I reccomend you do the same. While I would be flattered that you use any recipe I list here from start to finish, I would much happier that you take it and make it your own. A small tweak here and there never hurt anything.


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  1. Joanna Swan says:

    Your recipes are always mouthwatering, your descriptions always intricate and evocative. thanks!
    -Joanna @ Stoveless

  2. maisonmoylan says:

    Great Blog – A real variety.

  3. Sarah says:

    These recipes look delicious….I will definitely be trying some of these out for myself. Yum! Yum! Thanks for sharing.

  4. jennrambles says:

    What a wonderful blog! I also learned to cook via my grandmother and mom, nothing fancy but always the recipes I come back to time and time again. Your pictures are great as well. I assume you take them yourself?

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I look forward to reading yours in the future. http://jennyrambles.wordpress.com/

    • Thanks Jenny, the pictures for my quotes and recipes are mostly mine or from my sister. A few are from a friend who does food photgraphy as a hobby. Thanks for the compliment and I enjoyed your blog as well. See ya around 🙂

  5. Heather Mullins says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours looks delightful! 🙂 I will be back soon!

    Heather Mullins

  6. MotifBrophy says:

    I absolutely love this blog. My grandmothers have been my inspirations in the kitchen my entire life. What a unique idea you have here and have done so well with! Excellent pictures, too! In a word…enchanting. Just like being in my grandmother’s homes.

    Thank you so much for using one of my recipes. I appreciate it!

  7. homeorganics says:

    Sure isn’t the joy of cooking the tweaking we do each time we cook something. I think that’s what I love it. Your blog is lovely with some really great pictures that bring me back to places I have visited. Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back any time, Sarah

  8. tbw000 says:

    Thank you for visiting The Butcher’s Wifey blog. Hello neighbor then? =) The description of your blog is very inspiring. I look forward to going through your posts and recipes and hope to relive the unconditional love of grandparents even through food. All the best!

  9. akbeck04 says:

    thanks for visiting my blog! I love the inspiration behind yours, and the comfortable, food-loving atmosphere you’ve created. My grandma was famous for her doughnuts, and I remember long mornings of helping her cook up a batch, the agonizing waiting time while they rose, finally plopping them into the hot oil and carefully flipping them until perfectly brown. I think at that age though, my favorite part of the process was the glaze. Grandma would use a wooden dowel, weighted somehow to the counter (I don’t remember how she did this); she would put newspapers over the floor, and after we dipped the doughnuts in glaze, onto the dowel they would go so the excess could drip off. Mmmmm wonderful memories!

  10. mlchase says:

    Thanks for visiting my Veggie Tales blog. I look forward to trying your recipes out and hope my blog will be interesting to others like yours is. I love all of the photos of places you have been!

    My goal is for my young girls and, one day (a long time from now!), their children to feel the same way about me that you feel about your grandparents 🙂 Great memories and a house full of love!

  11. ahlterra says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am a cook, not a chef, just like you. I’m currently doing so many new things that not everything in my life, or my blog, is about cooking. But I do so love to have the company! Stop by anytime!

  12. ChefMom says:

    Oh my grandma’s kitchen! I have so many memories of playing under her table and in her pantry. She also had a little set of shelves reserved especially for me and that were full of tupperware for me to play. Her kitchen was always full of life – the center of everything. I could go on and on…Thanks for visiting our blog. I like the concept behind your site and the recipes sound/look delicious. I’ll make sure to keep checking back. Cheers!

  13. bakebooks says:

    Beautiful blog idea! Very comforting. I noticed a comment on my blog from you – I have no idea how you found me – but happy you did 🙂

  14. Tom McGehee says:

    This is Tom and Sandy. We wanted to “thank you” for visiting our blog. We are really enjoying your blog. We are looking forward to reading your recipes, and your cooking tips as well. Blessings Always ! –Tom and Sandy

  15. Ell says:

    i must be blurry eyed coz i can’t find a name to address u anywhere here.

    just wanna thank you for visiting and to let you know that you have a great blog appearance. i love the rich coloured images you got going here and i especially love the bottom footer images you display. is there a way you can let me know how you make those images show? don’t worry if it is a confidential thing, i undrstand 🙂

    most recipes got me drooling here and i might give some a try. thanks for sharing what you’ve got and cya soon 😉


  16. tonyarohr says:

    Good morning! I read your comment on my blog and thought I would take a look at yours. I too am not a trained chef…just a country cook. I LOVE food! And I LOVE to eat food! I enjoyed your quotes and the pictures…..I will visit again!

  17. Dale says:

    Hi there. I love your blog. And the quotes are wonderful. In my case, I got my inspiration from my mom. Even as child I loved sweet things. So whenever my mom had time between raising three spirited kids and a 9-to-5 job (God knows there’s never enough time for moms), she would bake us a batch of warm brownies and we’d just sit together, talking. One of my fondest memories is of her and my aunt making a layered cake for my sister’s birthday. I’ve always thought that was amazing because I didn’t know any parents of friends who did that for them. I’m always reminded of those things whenever I whip up a cake, or a pie, or cookies.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. And cheers to all moms, dads, grandparents and great-grandparents out there who continue to inspire us not just to enjoy food, but also to create it.

    • Nice comment. It took me back to some cake making days. I have never baked any cakes or cookies, but once I have kids I know I am going to want to be able to do it, in order t create those fond memories, like the one you mentioned. 🙂

  18. Sara says:

    Your blog is fantastic- I love finding others who share a passion for amazing food and cooking! Keep the quotes coming! xo

  19. samhenry says:

    Thank you for visiting our blog. This is a wonderful blog and great recipes and will add you to the blog roll.

  20. sefarish says:

    Thank you for posting a comment on my blog as it has led me to yours. I have very fond memories of visiting my Great-Grandmother every summer in Blackfoot Idaho. Grandma never cooked from a package, everything came fresh from the garden or was caught from her pond. I can still smell her delicious bread baking every single summer morning. One loaf for breakfast and one for dinner…not a Sunday goes by at my house that i don’t have a batch of rolls rising for dinner. My mother is another incredible cook. It was from her that I learned it was ok to add here, omit there and just have fun when it came to food. Like you, I am not a trained chef, but I am certainly an avid eater always in search of making each dish just a little bit better. I look forward to learning more from you.

  21. erin lyn says:

    I’m with Katie! Thanks for stopping by – LOVE your blog! I’m hooked!

  22. Great blog though, keep it up. If you want to blogroll, contact me.

  23. Katie says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by my site, as it led me to yours! I love your photos, your posts, and your quotes are genius! I’ve got you bookmarked! 🙂

  24. healthyhelper says:

    What a great food philosophy you have! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  25. I love your philosophy of cooking. I didn’t spend much time in my grandparents’ kitchens, but my mom cooked good old basic comfort food every night for dinner. Like you, I’ve never tried to recreate her dishes exactly, but tweak them to make them my own. I can always think of something different I would like to do when I read a recipe from someone else. And then there’s always the “what do I have in the cupboard and fridge” recipes that I love to make.

    Thanks for stopping by on my blog, where I post a recipe each Friday. The one you commented on – pan-fried pork chops – is one that was basically my mom’s recipe but I added the rosemary and thyme. I think she just used salt and pepper. Peace, Linda

  26. drinkeatcook says:

    My Grandma is also behind my love of cooking. She grew up between the two World Wars and came from a small mining community in Yorkshire. Their whole life was ‘make do and mend’. I think it’s a great thing to celebrate the people in our lives who inspired us. Especially if it’s by making something good to eat!

    My Grandma’s kitchen was the smell of fresh toast and Grandad’s homemade honey, jam and marmalade out of the cellar for breakfast. Cupboards full of tins with homemade biscuits and scones. And fresh fruit and vegetables every day from their garden. Kitchens have happy memories. I love creating new ones in mine, and enjoyed reading yours.

  27. Veronika says:

    Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog, and I am very glad I came to look over yours – it looks delicious! Loved the title (and the idea) of “Frittata with whatever the hell I could find” – very much agree with your views about leftovers and their proper place (in frittata, soup, omelet, with stir-fried rice, etc.!) More people should celebrate good and relaxed food the way you do!

    I will most certainly be back,
    All the best!
    – Veronika

  28. I love your blog! My grandma’s kitchen is homemade biscuits and gravy. When I was little, she would let me climb up on a stool and help her cut the biscuits out with the biscuit cutter.

    All your recipes look so tasty. I’ll be sure to keep reading!

    • Thanks for the Kudos. I think all of us have fond memories in our grandparents kitchen. You have made me so hungry for sausage and biscuits, wich are almost impossible to find here in Prague. What am I to do? I guess I’ll have to learn how to make biscuits.

  29. ....RaeDi says:

    Thank you for stopping by and would love it if you came again, visit anytime! I love your site, simple can be in the end something that may give the impression that it was complicated, that is the essence of what I find at your site. I would sit down and eat with you anytime. You took me back to my childhood experiencing the very same things; I shall visit often….RaeDi

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