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Chicken & Carmelized Onion Sandwich W/ Gruyère & Sicilian Pesto

  Tired of ham and cheese sandwiches? This will light your pants on fire and have you begging for another one……..please Sir! It’s the second thing I do that my wife begs for, and I’m not telling you what the … Continue reading

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Chicken Thigh Sandwich With Sicilian Pesto, Spinach, & Sundried Tomatoes

I remember my first conscious decision about my taste in sandwiches. I was in first grade and was bored with Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. My mother, who was keen on this fact, starting making me baloney sandwiches. Now as a … Continue reading

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Chicken Salad Sandwich With Mayo & Horseradish Mustard

I always loved my grandmother’s chicken salad sandwich, but like chicken soup, my other grandmother and my aunts all made it different. Some were chunky some were smooth, some were packed with veggies and some just had celery. Surprisingly, and … Continue reading

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