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Breakfast In The Medieval Town of Tabor, South Bohemia

I love breakfast. Those of you who stop by here know this. My love for breakfast has contrasts though, from the late night greasy diner, to the spoiled hotel breakfast buffet. When people ask me what I miss about America … Continue reading

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Open Faced Egg & Pork Sandwich

Those of you who know me or come here often know I love breakfast. So when making my breakfast I usually gravitate towards ham, sometimes Steak, and if I am out of those then bring in the bacon. But today … Continue reading

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Nooks! Crannies! Taming the English Muffins (via guiltless cooking)

I’ve been on a “I wonder how you make…” binge lately.  And normally, in the magic that is the modern era, it would only take a quick google search to uncover definitive answers.  Which is why I was so shocked … Continue reading

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Chicken Sandwich with Roasted Red Peppers & Carmelized Onion

  So I made some roasted red peppers yesterday to be used for dinner but I was not sure what to make with them. Eventually I decided to use them on a wonderful chicken sandwich. Ingredients: 2 Red Peppers roasted … Continue reading

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Grilled Egg on Toast with Ricotta Cheese, Baby Spinach, Grilled Onions, & Ham

If you are like me in tastes, and I know many of you are, then you know that a complete breakfast must include some kind of egg with some kind of meat. It  does not matter what kind of egg. They … Continue reading

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Pizza Toast With Proscuitto, Red Onion, & Buffalo Mozzarella

Who doesn’t like pizza? I know I do and I have friends who can confirm the mountains of Pizza boxes lying around my former apartments, where their empty remains lay stacked like a squirrel collecting nuts. Of course that was before I … Continue reading

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Open Faced Ham & Egg Sandwich with Carmelized Onions & Swiss

As much as I love home cooked food I also Love  Egg McMuffins at MacDonald’s. My grandparents were always saying why do yo eat that garbage when they could make me ones just as good at home. Well they never could make … Continue reading

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