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Bubble and Squeak (via Things we make)

Here is a little something I found that was quite unusual over at “Things We Make.” When I think of getting rid of left overs I always think frittata, but this person thinks “Bubble and squeak.” It seems like a … Continue reading

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Irish Stew (via “Deja Vu” Cook)

Bring on the lamb. When you say lamb to me I see hills of green with white dots and Irish eyes are smiling.  If you love lamb this is the economical dish to get your flavor tastes ready for dinner.  However “Irish … Continue reading

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A Simple and Sophisticated Brunch: Baked Eggs over Balsamic Kale and Marinara (via Blissful Basil)

Brunch can be elegant without being overly extravagant.  The inspiration for this dish came from my friend and talented pastry chef, Jessica, who suggested the brilliant combination of eggs and marinara to me via Twitter a few weeks back.  Using … Continue reading

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Homemade mashed potato (via The awesome things I do.)

My second lazy dinner last weekend. This was made in a jiffy yesterday around 8pm when I saw I had forgotten to eat.. again. I looked through all the cabinets and found basically nothing. Mashed potatoes is really easy and … Continue reading

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